What I love about Indy is the collaborative space that Indy is. It’s very Midwestern. It’s your “next door neighbor” kind of vibe, everyone is willing to pitch in and collaborate with one another. With regard to the spaces we talked about, usually the only time you see those collaborations come up is when there are big events. On Georgia Street specifically, the only time you really see stuff happening there is for Colts football games or basketball games with the Pacers. I feel like really Indy is underrated as far as how much collaboration there really is and how much potential there is. There isn’t enough being drawn to small businesses that exist to really cultivate that thriving culture for small businesses in the city. I think it’s more driven towards out of towners than it is specifically for Indy locals themselves. So, if there were more events year round for small businesses to put on, I feel like the locals would really tap into that and that would help spread more awareness around small businesses that exist. Because a lot of people don’t see these until there are these really big events going on like March Madness or the Indy 500 or the Brickyard, or something like that. I feel like Indy needs to make its mark for something more than just the big national events that go on in the city.

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