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Yea I don’t know but HEYYY

One of my recommendations for Indy are to add a better themed route 40 event to the eastside and fix up the eastside so it looks more update and inviting and continue to do the same with the west side

Thank you for your time and efforts for coming in and explaining what GangGang is all about!!!??

How are there no public baths in downtown Indianapolis? They seem to perfectly capture Indiana’s progressive past and prudish present insofar as they would allow Hoosiers to both appreciate and de-sexualize our nudity. I don’t care if the baths are of a Roman, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, or whatever flavor. Plenty of precedents to choose from. …

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What the downtown needs most is police. I witnessed a shootout two weeks ago. People don’t feel safe because they are not safe. No person wants to go somewhere that IS NOT Safe!!!! The quote about policing in the article is native and dated. We need more police downtown and people will come. I would …

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Our family will not be visiting downtown Indianapolis due to the lack of security. The mayor of Indianapolis allowed looting, destruction of businesses during the BLM protests.

Downtown Indianapolis is a great place to sketch people. Roberta and I have been urban sketchers for over two decades. We love live-sketching everywhere, but we particularly enjoy sketching people in public places. We were saddened when people stopped coming Downtown Indy in 2020, but the people are returning and we are pleased to be …

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Kids enjoying downtown


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