• Heads up! – Your submission will be viewed by the public, including kids. Be honest, but be courteous.  *(Click here to review the submission guidelines.)
  • Racism / classism of any kind will not be accepted; even the thinly veiled. Just…don’t. *(Again, click here to review the submission guidelines.)
  • IT’S OK TO USE YOUR PHONE! Sharing photos & videos from your phone is fine! (Just record horizontally!) Here are some more tips to make it a success.
  • We at least need your first initial and zip code. If you would like info on the video project to be aired at a spring 2022 event, please also provide an email or phone number.
  • Not sure what to share? We’ve compiled a list of prompts here.
  • Have a lot to share? Great! Feel free to submit multiple times.

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    EXAMPLE SUBMISSION: A couple of years ago, I was running along the Canal one day, when the the idea struck me for my business. If anything, the place is inspiring. All of the activity I saw made me to want to improve my community through architecture.

    Your Turn!

    You can answer the questions below 👇, or just tell us a story. Feel free to be open, bold, and candid. For this project to work, we need your real and honest voice!

    Leave a selfie with a note about your love for your favorite downtown space. Or maybe it’s a video of you sharing about Monument Circle and why you do or don’t visit. No visuals on hand? Send in a paragraph or story about memorable experiences downtown – either good or bad. Ready? GO!

    • Tell us about your most recent (or memorable) experience at one of the four locations (Monument Circle, the Canal, Lugar Plaza, or Georgia Street). Was it a good time? Were there challenges?
    • Do these spaces feel like they’re part of “your” city—a place for you and your family and friends? Why or why not?
    • Have your feelings or opinions about these downtown spaces changed over time? If so, what has happened?
    • Where is your favorite public place to hang out downtown? Why?
    • What are your hopes for the future of these spaces?
    • Pick a location (Monument Circle, The Canal, Georgia Street or Lugar Plaza) – what would need to happen for this space to become where you would want to go?
    • What do you love about the culture of Indianapolis? What makes you proud to live here? Do these spaces reflect those values?

    Our goal is to amplify your voice. Your story. Your experience.

    Downtown Indianapolis’ public spaces should reflect the Indianapolis we all share. Your perspective fuels the accountability needed to ensure equitable respect is given to all of us.


    Thank you so much for sharing your voice and thoughts.

    Your submission will be reviewed to ensure it meets the submission guidelines and will be posted on the Monumental Voices site shortly.

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    Submission Terms & Conditions

    • I give permission for the submitted content to be used on the Monumental Voices website, in an audio and video projection on Monument Circle, and in materials that promote the Monumental Voices website and project including but not limited to social media, press releases, media interviews, etc.
    • I understand I will not be compensated for this submission and these uses.
    • I agree to hold harmless the City of Indianapolis, Art Strategies LLC, and the team producing Monumental Voices listed on the “About” page of this website.
    • I understand the content I submit will be curated and displayed with other submissions from people who may or may not agree with my views.
    • I understand that my submission may be edited to fit within the technical and creative parameters of the website or projection. 

    Creating a successful submission

    For great visuals:

    • Shoot videos and selfies horizontally, not vertically. (Turn your phone sideways)
    • Hold the camera as still as possible or put it on a tripod or other fixed location.
    • Keep the camera at eye level and look directly into the camera lens.
    • Film in natural light if possible. If inside, film near a window with the light in front of you, not behind.
    • Do not alter images or video with filters, color correction, text, emojis, etc. We’ll handle that in final editing! Send the original files.

    Below are two examples taken outside with correct lighting. 

    Two selfies with good light

    Below is an example of a selfie that is backlit and another where the light source is in front of the person.

    Good and bad selfie example

    For great sound:

    • Find a quiet location.
    • If having someone film a video for you, please make sure they are close enough to capture good audio.

    For video files:

    • Video files may be uploaded as H.264, MOV, WMV, or MP4.
    • Please don’t shoot any larger than 1920 x 1080p and no smaller than 720p.
    • Shooting in 4K is not necessary and will create a large file.

    Submission Guidelines

    • You must be over the age of 13 to submit.
    • No profanity, nudity, violent or sexually suggestive content.
    • No hate speech.
    • No content that specifically names a person, political party, religious group, or cultural group.
    • Limit video to 120 seconds (2 minutes). There’s a 300 MB file upload max.
    • Copy may be edited if lengthy.